System Group, expertise and innovation

System Group was founded in 1979 with the company Centraltubi, from the idea of an entrepreneur to produce Polyethylene pipes. After 12 years of activity in which the company confirm its market leadership, other companies specialised in diversified but interrelated products and services were acquired in order to complete the solutions offered to the customers.

After more than 30 years in business, System Group has more than 15 production plants and several sales offices in different countries, with more than 600 employees who are contributing to ensure the leadership of System Group as top supplier of complete PE and PP pipe systems in more than 30 countries.

The System Group’s range, which has become increasingly diversified and innovative over the years, covers several sectors and offers its customers a wide range of solutions. Among them we can find underground networks for water and gas distribution, cable protection systems, hydrogeological and environmental protection with drainage and sewage, thermo-hydraulics, water storage and purification, and last but not least irrigation.

Thanks to their many experiences, System Group is now also able to offer its clients and partners design, installation and technical assistance of machinery and on site, managing the entire logistics chain, from order acquisition to final delivery.

System Group, committed to constant innovation and growth, in 2006 acquired Valducci, a pioneer and specialized company in the drip irrigation market for agriculture. Valducci, now a true e-commerce company, improves and innovates the knowledges of System Group by bringing digital and product expertise within the group at the benefit of all its subsidiaries, that now have the opportunity to come into direct contact with end users.

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